Windows RDP Rules


Things not allowed, that will make everyone happy:

-Please save all your files in your hard drive user profile folder or desktop or downloades folder. Dont save on Hard drive root.

-Do not abuse the server, and by abuse I mean no 25-30% usage of the CPU all by your self.

-No hacking activities.

-No rapidleech/sborg/scripts on the server.

-No public torrents. Only Private Torrent seeding is allowed, but fair usage, max 3-5 at a time.

-No Encoding, or any kind of conversion software.

-jDownloader is allowed but max memory usage allowed by jdownloader is 250MB.

-Do not let a bunch of torrents seeding, that rapes the HDD.

-Do not open 5-10 winrar processes, that rapes the HDD. Max allowed 2 winrar process.

-That's pretty much all, just please think about others users and be fair, if you wanna rape the server, get your own dedi.

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